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Tekst piosenki
[Verse 1] One thing leads to another It was a Garden of Eden, it was like no other Everything I needed, everything I could wanted And every time I turn around, I'm singing our song [Verse 2] So what happened girl? How could I forget? We always asked something since we was kids I may dip in it now, but no matter how I stack this I conclude, you're matchless [Pre-Chorus] Like a star dust bound for Earth All the leaves have just let go Your gravity takes me like a domino [Chorus] I fall for you again Every time just like the first time I fade away, you draw me back Your love will 'main over us I fall for you again I can't believe after all this time, you're still mine I'm still your's, your love will 'main over us I fall for, I fall for you (your love will 'main over us) I fall for, I fall for you [Verse 3] Some say it's a little romantic But me? Imma have to chance it If they can talk about their love is like there ain't no other Surely I can tell 'em 'bout the real I discovered I know they gonna call it old fashioned But they ain't about to rattle my passion Cuz it's you and me, label me the dreamer It's a wrap girl, I'm around your finger [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Bridge] Oh, oh, oh Everyday's a new day to love you Oh, oh, oh All my dreams lead back to you Oh, oh, oh I can't count the ways, the ways I love you Oh, oh, oh You're my godsend, baby it's true [Chorus]

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