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Wage War




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Verse 1: I run this rap household wit the master rule As long as you keep fans then you stay cool Get it in from start to finish no matter the day They put they trust in me at least that's what the dollar say I'm not trynna say I'm god but I'm godly Cause I can give life and take it away but give it hardly I drop bodies I'm testin you niggas Gotti You sayin you Teflon when you soft like brawny Walkin round town like yo shit don't stink Thinking you a smart nigga cus yo bitch don't think I dispose of this garbage like you in my sink Cause that barrel is a eye make my pistol wink Blink twice on the scene of a homicide Don't stifle Huntin for doe like I need a rifle No time for rivals cause rivalries seem petty G Why would I need wit you you have nothing that I need Nothing that I want Stupid fuckin cunt What the fuck is up I'm Michael Johnson you the runner up Lame rappers who want beef can can catch defeat I mean the hands Homie I kick shit but I ain't Bruce Lee And what I kick is incredibly dope call me the miller Cause I'm making bread Fuck the animals who didn't lend a hand Cause y'all horsing around talking that shit like y'all Mr. Ed Lu said Go to Sleep now I'm making beds Hook: Fuck that Throw the truce out the window Coo coo on Coco while puffing on the indo Wage war Battlefield at stage 4 Team running outta digits we in defcon raw Verse 2: I talk shit cause Oshea he got a lazy tongue But if you fucking wit my homie all you need to do is run Before I go inside my hat and come across my magic gat And spray a plague of bullets until Moses begging me to let All his people go Now you saying I'm evil no I'm just bad Like Michael J And I'm Brown now Foxy mad Thoughts cloudy but passed nine I'm probably on eleven I came bout six times and ready for seventh heaven Is it bad that when I bust a nut I see god Don't really know but I figured that it was kinda odd But but maybe it's a hint that he really truly exists So the next time I see em I'll thank him just for the gifts Of these luscious lips both sets And ask him to lift this weight off of my chest like Boflex No flex I'm screaming who want war "Not I" Dream Team S.I and YADA Homie competition nada Gracias

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