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Life In The City

Serius Jones

King Me




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Life in the city is not very pretty It seems such a waste of your time This Serius Jones And this song right here is for the city Every city, that's space created for millions of lives to reside From NY to the Chi LA to the Bay ATL, Bricks Everywhere in between See we all part of the same thing man It's a soundtrack to our lives Feel me Let's go! [Verse 1] Now when you raised in the struggle, the pain and the hustle Keep you caged in, it's a shame, the game don't love you But, what other ways we know to raise this dough Kids with death on they brain, y'all know it's crazy though Them old ladies know what's going on in that hallway All day that raw yae moving on Broadway Fuck what the law say, fours spray in broad day Just look at the right person the wrong way They got me stressing at a fast pace I lean my seat back at tapes and blast the bass And analyze how our lives get trapped in this place That ain't safe, for this cheese it's like a rat race And see, they wanna try to make your back break Castrate the black fate cause our past was great But wait, they don't know that make us stronger than ever We storm through the weather, see sometimes stress could make you better [Hook] See we forced into criminal life And yeah I know I ain't living it right, but God help me (Lord) See it's the bright lights and busy nights And when you dealing with that city life, it ain't healthy (nah) Cause it's always stress on our mind (all the time) And everybody just stuck in the grind (all the time) You gotta take it one day at a time We get drunk and high sometimes cause you need that [Verse 2] It make it hard to be friendly and smiling It's survival mind state, watch your enemies prowling Especially if you live in the housing, it be piled in And every year thousands get sent to the mountains (You got) young Italians with Mafia ties There's cops in disguise that ride by with hate in they eyes And the lawbreakers is the lawyers with briefcases That beat cases, teenagers with scarfaces (And what else?) Plus, them Green Acres folks come here with dreams Eventually they lose steam and then turn into fiends The queens turn into ho's, friends turn into foes And the good die young, shit you know how it goes (The city's like) a sick body and The Man is the brain The people is the blood and the trains, they like veins The streets, like the skin, and garbage is cologne For a short time I called this my home, but I know it's real [Hook]

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