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[ VERSE 1: The Alchemist ] Dump truck's dumpin, heartbeat accelerated Blood pumpin, don't assume make an assumption Get your pumpkin butternut muffin slit open for nothin Bisquits burn, radio, my disc gets burned Spead the germ, then return, check the rebirth My appetite for destruction rap, stomach got a ring worm Cause I keep eatin, keep shittin, keep spittin Street pigeon, now I drop Porched on a lamppost top Pickin up bundles of botox Still nothin move but the money While you move with a style funny I fathered you, you just a child to me Dinner plate chow to me, raw steak a piece of cow to me Make 'em kneel to the god and bow to me I'll ruin you, don't let the humble atttitude fool you Crack open your fruit, spill out the prune juice And drink to success while we calculate your debts Put old dogs to sleep like a vet So what the fuck My dump truck keep dumpin on a punk No interruption, turn the music up Burn bushes of kushes and fill the cup Yeah [ Chorus ] You in the back of the dump truck Ba-ba-back of the dump track [ VERSE 2: Prodigy ] The rapper of all time, they call me King Rhymes They call me big time because of how my 16's don't never stop, no ma Shine is forever like them stars in the sky Yeah the Grand Wizard of Oz, there is none higher 720 degrees, I burn like fire That's 360 physical, 360 spiritual For you to kill me is gon' take a miracle You niggas try and play with me like chess Oh niggas wan' prey on me? God bless I'm hearin all this talk from these so-called gangsters And real gangsters bring it on, I spank ya With claps to the ass, my gun explode, nigga Now video-rebuttal that, bitch-ass hoe nigga Microscopic rappers want publicity They small like atoms, nobody's listenin To you [ Chorus ] [ VERSE 3: Oh No ] I'm a constructed con, a fuckin machine I up the echelon whenever I etch a song The kind of shit I'm on - a big dump truck And you'se a dumb fuck, y'all get dumb stuck Dude shit out of luck, don't let the pump erupt See we ridin dirty, fuck tryina buckle up This is smashin the wall, hop out the car to brawl Line 'em up like dominos, they fall Y'all's bustas better recognize this One man's trash is now some shit that turned priceless All these gems, it take forever to find this So we keep fillin 'em landfills with the virus I haul a trailer full of rock to sell Get popped if you tell, tell 'em they can rot in hell I put fire to your trash-ass artists Then smack 'em retarded, dump 'em back in the garbage Regardless [ Chorus ]

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